Passer Composer

CEO Gallery is proud to present a solo exhibition by Jakob Simonson. Opening Sat. March 23. 7-9pm

It does not matter now. Sacrificial. Into seclusion. Evade.
Maybe heat will come later.
And knowledge of what is right.
Your company is kinder. Abyssinian memories. Jackets. Harrowingly perfect shapes to undermine all else. This is architecture at its best. At most lethal. Angles shooting. Bodies off rail. Corporal failings. Beastly design.
I can ride this

Hawkes looms the surface. Elliptic production and elevated boomerangs. Welcome this idea like an old friend. There is warmth in recognition.
The idea the second time around is bettering itself. Frozen images.
Tilted sky. The reason I hold on

Recall first meeting. Recall place. Recall clothing. I thought it was gone.
Salvage some of the wreckage please. Salvage whatever was good about it. Talk again in a thousand days. Nights. Talk again later with different references. Nice words are dragging this down. Like an anchor to a belt. Hollow to pit. Warranted closeness. Friendships that mean nothing that mean everything.
I will not touch it again. Leaving it. I compliment the gesture.
Falling off my seat. And again. No composure left in this building.
We hear nothing. I stumble.

Sophanes is judging. Heaving eyes. I tell him it is complicated.
That the angles of this mission are dubious. He tells me not to doom myself. All of these decisions are wrong. Curate my wishes for life. Expulsion needed.

Fading like a flower. Passer Composer.

Communication is wailing. No reply. No signals left. I compliment the air.
Leave it like that. Keep it short.

Jon Snow

/ Tiril Hasselknippe